Carolina Van Eps Jimenez

Carolina is een danseres, performer, maker en activiste. Ze groeide op in Colombia en leeft sinds enkele jaren in Brussel en Gent. Ze is deel van verschillende artistieke projecten, vaak met een sociaal en politiek engagement, geïnspireerd en uitgedaagd door de Colombiaanse context waarin ze opgroeide.

"I work and enjoy projects that go through art (creation), artistic education, and environmental activism. My searches and explorations, some more advanced than others, focus on the links between dance and politics. The ideas of relational art in / with the world and others. The interaction between voice, movement and touch. These searches connect with what I wonder about the world and what connects me to it. Although dance (my body) is my strongest means of expression, it is no longer enough as the only ingredient in my creations and searches; I am supported by contemporary artistic practices, which take up video and sound. I am part of the CATAPA movement, and I am a founding member of the Colectivo de Mujeres Colombianas por la Paz Belgium. I am a Specialist in Artistic Education and Culture of the OIE. Master of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in the programs, Art in Public Space (AEsp) and the Higher Institute of Arts and Choreography (ISAC) Belgium and Master of Performing Arts with emphasis on contemporary dance of the Francisco de Paula University in Bogotá, Colombia."