Mileen Borgonjon

Mileen coordinates the dance program for WISPER in Ghent and Antwerp. She is a dancer, performer and dance teacher, most at home in the field of improvised performance and contact improvisation. In 2011 (after her master in social work & pedagogics) she graduated at TIP, school of dance, in improvisation and performance in Freiburg (DE). She finished a training in education in the arts and started to deepen her practice by teaching and performing (inter)nationally. She is one of the initiators of the contact improvisation scene in Ghent (since 2013).

As an artist Mileen loves to collaborate with artists in other media, looking for common or new artistic languages. Improvised performance and contact improvisation are her passion, inspiration and a platform to reflect about this biggest improvisation which is called 'life'.

She collaborates with several choreographers and artists (Bettina Inés Truffat, Bettina Helmrich, Dance Theatre company BETWEENLINES (CH), OFFSPACE kompanie (DE), KUNSTNACHT E-Werk Freiburg, Improvisation Xchange Berlin, Living Art Base Catalunya, Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran festival Lebanon, BOMfestival Ghent, Hetki festival Helsinki, Ri.ves (FR), …). And she has been involved in several stage and film projects of the Belgium based artistic collaboration POST.TRAUM.Collective.

As a teacher Mileen is passionate about supporting a space where people can grow in (body)awareness. She values a profound and playful approach to empower people to plug-in to their movement potential, multi-layered physical, poetic and artistic expression. On her own path as a mover, dancer and performer she got inspired by different masters of instant composition, by Thai yoga massage, Breathwork, Gaga, Ido Portal Method and Playfight.