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Behind WISPER is a team with a clear and critical view on art education. Below you can read more about what we do, but also about the methodology that is the cornerstone of everything we do and the values that drive us.

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WISPER organizes artistic courses in dance, theater, music, photography, visual arts and literature for adults aged 18 and older.

There are courses for participants of every experience level, from absolute beginner to wayward advanced amateur artist. In addition to those courses, we are constantly developing projects and collaborations.

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WISPER uses its own methodology for art education. The active approach is central: the courses all consist of learning-by-doing assignments. Meanwhile, we consciously focus on the group dynamics that you can use as an individual in a creative process.

Our classes mostly focus on production (making art yourself). Additionally, reception (experiencing art) and reflection (thinking about art) are also integrated into the learning process of each course.

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WISPER sees arts education as a double mission both towards people and towards society. We are convinced that culture gives meaning to a human life in many ways and thus forms one of the foundations of a strong society.

We believe not only in the social power of art education but also in the artistic power of a diverse society.

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In addition to our permanent staff members, there is also an amazing team of guest teachers and volunteers behind our course offer.

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