Questions about corona

  • Which safety measures apply?

    Currently, the following guidelines apply to all live sessions:

    • Mouth masks are not required during our activities. But, if you prefer to keep your mask on during the course, you are welcome to do so.
    • Make sure to bring an extra sweater, coat, scarf, etc. during these colder months. We continue to put maximum effort into spreading the course groups and into sufficient ventilation in the course rooms by opening doors and windows as much as possible. We also installed CO2 meters at our course locations.
    • We still try to keep our distance, unless the activity requires otherwise.
    • You do not need a Covid Safe Ticket for the courses in our own classrooms. If your course (partly) takes place in a public place or is part of an event, other measures might apply. In that case we will always inform you in time.
    • Check this page before each session for the latest updates on the measures applicable to our courses. Only when the measures become so severe that our live sessions cannot take place at all, we will email you again.

    In the meantime, you can register without hesitation: our money-back guarantee remains valid in case of changing corona guidelines.

  • How do you know whether your course is live, online or blended?

    Our course offer contains three different formats:

    • LIVE courses take place entirely in a real life teaching environment
    • ONLINE courses take place in a virtual teaching environment
    • BLENDED courses take place in a flexible course environment, with sessions consisting of variable online and offline formats

    You recognize them by looking at the location. Live courses have a real address of the course location, online courses have the location "from home" and blended courses have the location "blended Antwerpen", "blended Leuven" or "blended Gent".

  • Can the type of a course (live, online or blended) change according to changes in the corona measures?

    No. An ONLINE course will be held online even if the measures allow live meetings. And a LIVE course that can't take place because of the measures will be cancelled.

    The course environment of BLENDED courses is flexible, meaning the sessions can consist of various online and offline formats. Those formats will be partly determined by the corona measures, but also by our curiosity and enthusiasm to teach you in new, alternative ways. This means that a blended course does not necessarily consist of only live sessions once the measures allow live gatherings!

  • When do I know for sure whether and how my course will start?

    At least three days before the start, we will send you an e-mail with everything you need to know about the start of your course. In case your course is cancelled (because of corona or because of an insufficient number of participants), we will let you know at least 3 working days in advance as well.

  • Do I get a refund if my course is cancelled?

    Yes, our money-back-guarantee still applies: if your course is (partly) cancelled because of corona, you will automatically receive a refund of the cancelled sessions in your bank account.

    ONLINE and BLENDED courses are designed to take place no matter the corona measures at that time - provided there are enough participants.

  • What if I want to cancel my course subscription myself?

    In this case, our usual terms and conditions apply.

Questions about our courses

  • When can I register for new courses?

    Several times a year we launch new courses on this website.

    Please note: the exact launch dates may differ from the times below by a few days. Subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to stay informed, you will automatically receive an email each time new courses are available!

    • December 1st: new spring courses (during January-June)
    • December 15th: new vacations (longer summer courses with overnight stay in Belgium and abroad,)
    • March 15th: new summer courses (during July)
    • July 4th: new LUX & fall courses
    • August 25th: new WISPERpro courses
  • Where do the courses take place?

    Most of our courses take place in Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven. In the summer we also go to other places in Belgium and abroad. The LUX-courses with overnight stay take place in Dworp. You can click to visit the pages of our regular course locations below.

    Please note that not all courses are held here! Make sure to always check which address(es) are listed on your course page.

  • Can I take a try-out lesson before deciding to register?

    We do not offer free try-out lessons. However, there are regular short course formulas where you can discover in an accessible way whether it is something for you, such as a free kickstart at the start of a season.

  • The course start tomorrow. Can I still sign up?

    Sure! As long as the course is not full yet, you can register up until the day the course starts.

    Please note that for registrations within 14 days before the start of the course, we expect you to make your payment immediately.

Questions about registration

  • How can I sign up for a course?

    Need a little help while registering for your course? Please follow the steps below.


    Go to the page of the course you wish to register for and click or scroll to the prices.


    Click on the subscribe button next to your chosen price. This will put your participation in the course in your shopping cart.


    Already have an account? Log in with your e-mail address and password.

    • first time your register on this website? You need to create an account first. It takes only a few minutes to enter you contact details, but from then on you can just log in with your email address and password to register for all your future WISPER adventures!


    After logging in, you will see your participation in the course in your shopping cart. You can now do three things:

    • immediately finalise your registration: do you only want to register yourself for one course? Go to step 5.
    • register another person for this course: click on the button "add another participant" and fill in the details of the extra person you want to register
    • register yourself for another course: you can add several participations at once to your shopping cart. Click on the WISPER logo at the top to go to the course overview and continue "shopping".


    The participants in your shopping cart are not registered until you choose your payment option. Would you like to do us a favor? Then choose to pay online as much as possible. Thank you!

    6. ALL DONE!

    The participants in your shopping cart are now registered! You will also receive a confirmation email from us (be sure to check your spam folder). If you chose to pay by bank transfer, please remember to make your payment within 7 days.

    If you are still having trouble registering, contact us to get your registration in order.

  • How do I select a price when I sign up for a course?

    When registering online for a WISPER course, you can choose yourself which price applies to you.

    • Do you feel like earning some extra karma points? Choose the better world price: you pay a little extra and help make WISPER courses affordable for everyone
    • The standard price covers the costs of your course (material, teacher, location). Nothing less, nothing more.
    • Do you have trouble making ends meet? Then you can choose the reduced price.
    • Citizens of Ghent and Leuven with a low income get a 80% discount with their UiTPAS. Please note that the maximum number of registrations with the 80% UiTPAS discount is limited to 6 registrations per participant per year. More information: www.uitingent.be/uitpas and www.uitinleuven.be/uitpas

    Do you have other questions about payment? Do you wish to pay in installments? Contact sophie@wisper.be and we will work out a solution together!

  • How and when do I have to pay?

    When paying for your course, you have the choice between paying online (via Bancontact or your Belgian bank) or paying by bank transfer.

    If you chose the bank transfer, don't forget to pay within 7 days after signing up. If you do not pay in time, we can no longer guarantee your participation. You can always find your payment details in your WISPER account.

    • Did you register within 14 days before the start of the course?
      Then we ask you to pay immediately after registration.
    • Did you register for a vacation course or LUX-course with overnight stay?
      Then specific payment terms apply: click here.
    • Is your employer paying?
      Then you can ignore this e-mail: we will send the invoice directly to your employer. If you didn't mention the invoice details as a remark when registering, please send them to greta@wisper.be

    Is there a reason why you can't pay in time or would you like to pay in installments?
    Contact sophie@wisper.be and we will work out a solution.

  • The course is fully booked. How does the waiting list work?

    When a course is full, there are no subscribe buttons next to the prices, but there are buttons that allow you to put yourself on the waiting list.


    Go to the page of the course for which you want to be on the waiting list and click or scroll to the prices.


    Click on the waiting list button next to your chosen price.


    Already have an account? Log in with your e-mail address and password.

    • first time your register on this new website? Then you need to create an account first. It takes a few minutes to enter you contact details, but from then on you can just login with your email address and password to register for all your future WISPER adventures!


    Courses for which you are on the waiting list will stay in your shopping cart until they start. You don't have to confirm or pay anything at this point.


    We will contact you by email and/or phone as soon as a place is available.


    Please remove the course from your shopping cart so that we can contact the right person when a spot in the course opens up!

  • Why do I have to create an account? Can I register for a course without one?

    With an account, you no longer have to enter all your information every time you sign up. Just log in with your e-mail address and password. That's a lot easier for you and for us!

    Do you want to know why we ask you for certain information when creating an account? And how we save and protect that information? You can read this in our privacy statement.

    Don't want to or can't create an account but very much want to register for a course? No problem: e-mail sophie@wisper.be

Information for participants

  • Where can I find all practical information about my course?

    Log in to your personal WISPER account and go to "My Courses" in the top menu. Click on the title to go to the course page: there you will find all the info about the location, times, supplies etc.

    These course pages remain available until the last session of the course.

    A few days before the start of your course, you will receive a reminder e-mail from us with all the practical information.

  • Am I covered by insurance?

    You will be insured for incidents and civil liabilities during all course activities led by a WISPER employee. You will not be insured by WISPER for the traveling part from and towards the course, neither for the outdoor activities organized by the course participants themselves.

    Click here to download the bodily injury damage claim.

  • Can I cancel (halfway)? What if I get sick?

    Cancelling a registration before the course has started is possible but you should keep some terms and conditions in mind.

    If you decide to leave a course after it has started you will not get a refund. A (partial) refund for one or more classes that you missed because of illness is not possible.

    The only exception is if you have to stop the course completely because of medical reasons. You will need to hand in a doctor’s note which can verify that you’re unable to continue with the course. In this case you’ll only have to pay for the classes you’ve already attended.

    If you can present a doctor's certificate in advance for the entire duration of the course, the course fee will be refunded minus an administration fee of € 30.

    Want to cancel but do you feel like your situation is not (quite) covered by these conditions? Contact us and we will work out a solution together!

  • Can WISPER cancel a course?

    WISPER reserves the right to cancel a course if there aren’t enough registrations or if the teacher falls ill or cannot teach due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case your registration fee will be fully refunded. We do not however offer any additional compensation.

  • What if I can't make it to every session of the course?

    You take a WISPER course in your free time, so we fully understand busy schedules and unforeseen circumstances. On the other hand, learning an art requires commitment.

    You learn by doing, by developing step by step and by committing yourself during a course to the content and to your fellow participants. That is what WISPER stands for. So if you ask us: we would love for you to come every time. You will not only be doing a favor to the group and the instructor, but also to yourself.

    An unexpected absence is not the end of the world, but the more sessions you miss, the more your own learning process (and that of your fellow students) will suffer. So if you know in advance that you will have to miss one or more sessions of a series or weekend, we ask you to make this consideration in good conscience before you register. We cannot do that for you.

    Please note that LUX courses and courses working towards a production ask for more engagement: these courses are programmed in a way that we need all participants to be present each session, without exception.