Gift vouchers

Gift stress? Better save your strength for the artistic adventures: make a (future) Wisperling happy with one of our gift vouchers!

The concept is simple. You choose (and pay) the amount that your chosen recipient is allowed to spend when registering for one of the courses from our complete offer.* And there you go: the gift voucher is already on its way.

Mail to request a voucher and mention the amount you want to donate. Indicate whether a digital certificate (print it yourself) or a postcard (ready to be issued) may be used. We take care of the rest!

  • Would you like to receive the gift voucher as a postcard? Please take 5 working days into account for your request to be processed and sent.**
  • Would you like to receive the gift cheque by mail and print it out yourself for the lucky one? The digital gift voucher will be in your mailbox (on working days) within 24 hours!

(*) Each gift voucher is valid for 2 years after it has been issued on all WISPER courses, not on courses organized in cooperation with partners. // (**) Between Christmas and New Year and during August, we are taking it slower, so shipping may be delayed.