Besides our permanent staff and guest teachers, there is also a strong team of volunteers behind our operation. Get to know them better on this page. Want to become a WISPER volunteer yourself? Welcome!

Fotorolletje vacature comm
Fotorolletje vacature comm collegas

Want to become a volunteer (with compensation)?

As a volunteer, you contribute to our activities and our team. In return, you will receive not only our greatest gratitude, but also a volunteer allowance. At the moment, we can make good use of support in these three areas:


    As a reception volunteer, you will be present for an hour at the start of the course to show the teacher and participants around their course location. You can choose whether you do this in Ghent (Dok Noord), Antwerp (Noordpoort) or Leuven (OPEK).

    Your compensation: €10 course credit per start-up.

    Interested? Mail sophie@wisper.be (Ghent) or tara@wisper.be (Antwerp) or saskia@wisper.be (Leuven)


    For our visual art courses in Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven, we are regularly looking for people willing to model.

    Your compensation: €15 + transport costs.

    Interested? Mail marissa@wisper.be