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Contact improvisation immersion: gravity and breathing

Start Sat 11 May '24
10:00 - 13:00

2 sessions


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Location Modest
Dok Noord 7/106d
9000 Gent

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Language & teacher(s) English

Contact improvisation is a great tool for learning from the body. Perceiving, sensing, feeling our mechanics and the forces and physical principles that move through us. In her sessions Stéphanie approaches and experiments with principles of CI as a way to open possibilities for improvising, tracking and following our interest in a dance. Training our way out of making decisions and experimenting with levels of perception. A current big fascination for Stéphanie is the corelation between Gravity and Breathing. How can our approach to these 2 fundamental parameters influence and even transform the quality of our dances, change the core of an improvisation, or be of inspiration for the ways to find connection with our partner(s). Gravity and Breathing are strong keys to explore ways of sharing a space/ time with a group of people and exploring dance improvisation as dialogue with the earth. The workshop contents are based on these experiments and it develops through simple, yet profound and rich tasks in support of dance improvisations. Stéphanie is a dancer, improviser and choreographer with a broad experience in the field of improvised performance. In her work she collaborates with many different improvising artists, musicians, dancers, poets, exploring places outside of the theatre, into the world. In her sessions of CI she brings along her (com)passion for the Human Being in all its diversity and richness. Sourcing from the Tuning Scores of Lisa Nelson her approach invites our perception and minds to open. Through very simple but fundamental scores and proposals she touches core principles of CI that will inspire both new and seasoned CI practicioners.

This workshop is part of a 4 day immersion into contact improvisation. From May 9th till 12th several facilitators will share their experience and inspiration on CI. The mornings focus on movement research from different angles. In the afternoons always two teachers will co-teach, letting their languages and approaches meet and exchange, creating together an environment to open and deepen our understanding, inspiration and practice of CI. Whether you are just beginning or you are a seasoned CI practicioner, you will find sessions that are accessible and inspiring for you! On Friday, after the afternoon session and before the evening JAM, we’ll have space to sit together, sharing questions and reflecting on topics related to CI.


This workshop will be conducted in English. Wear clothing in which you can move easily, without hard or metal parts. Bring a bottle of water for in between sessions and a pair of soft knee pads.

This workshop is part of a 4 day immersion into contact improvisation, from May 9th till 12th. Several workshops, a conversation table and a CI-JAM are part of the program. Welcome to join 1 or all parts!

Level of experience

Level X: This workshop is accessible and inspiring regardless of previous experience with contactimprov.


  • Sat 11 May '24
    10:00 - 13:00
    Modest - dansstudio
  • Sun 12 May '24
    10:00 - 13:00
    Modest - dansstudio




Stéphanie Auberville

Stéphanie Auberville is a dancer, choreographer and improviser. Since the early 1990s, she has been…
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