Stéphanie Auberville

Stéphanie Auberville is a dancer, choreographer and improviser. Since the early 1990s, she has been involved in improvisation, which she considers an artistic field in its own right. In her CI classes, she likes to bring extra attention to timing, tenses and resonance effects. The lessons are always rooted in a perceptual work, sensory investigations and numerous fantasies. She also engages in Tuning Score practice, in which the work of Lisa Nelson has been an important influence.

As a choreographer, she has a "documentary approach": her work is based on encounters and archival research. She has also already developed several projects in situ, for which she occupies locations such as a hospital, business bank or emergency shelter for the homeless. Her artistic work stems from encountering the site and the people who live there - employees and users - who are often involved in the projects themselves.