Noordpoort used to be a coworking space for a while, but since October 2020 this has been our WISPER home and permanent course location in Antwerp. The building is a former electricity substation right next to Park Spoor Noord. It was completely renovated in 2018, but you can still see many traces of its original industrial character.


Noordpoort is located at the end of Dambruggestraat (at no. 336), near Park Spoor Noord.

  • on foot: it takes 15 minutes on foot from Antwerp Central Station
  • by bicycle: there are 3 Velostations in the area (118 Dambrugge, 126 Lange Dijk, 123 Park Spoor Noord). You can also rent a Bluebike at Antwerp Central Station.
  • public transport: you can take the bus at Rooseveltplaats or the metro at Astridplein (central station). Then get off at the Ellermanstraat stop.
  • by car: you have to pay for parking everywhere in the area. The nearest indoor parking can be found on Sint-Jansplein.


Upon entering, you are immediately in the foyer where you can always help yourself to some coffee or tea, eat your lunch in the afternoon, talk after the course, check out the walls with work of other Wisperlings ...

If you continue, you first enter the visual arts studio and then the theater room. The theater room will be renovated in the future to make it suitable for dance courses as well. The writing room for the literature courses is on the second floor (via the stairs next to the bar downstairs).


At the start of the first class, you will be welcomed at the entrance of the building. We will then show you the way to the course room. If you follow a workshop during the day, you can have lunch nearby or eat your packed lunch in the foyer on the ground floor. Unfortunately, the halls are not yet wheelchair accessible.


The theater room is getting a new floor so that our dance courses can be organised here in the future as well. We are also exploring ways to make all course rooms wheelchair accessible as soon as possible.