Ancien Monastère de Sainte-Croix
FR - 26150 Sainte-Croix, Die

Fotorolletje Ste Croix


You are responsible for your on transport. Please note that you can only stay/camp in the centre during your own course period.

1. Public transport

You can travel by TGV from Brussels-Midi to Valence, then by shuttle to the centre of Valence, followed by a bus trip to Sainte-Croix. The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it will be!

Attention: be sure to check the timetable via the links below before you leave. Also be sure to leave on time so that you still have a bus connection. If you don’t want to miss the bus connection, take the TGV of 10h30 or earlier from Brussels.

1. From Brussels to Valence-TGV

You travel by TGV from Brussels-Midi to Valence-TGV. This train journey takes about 4 hours. All info on the TGV can be found on the website of NMBS Europe.

2. From Valence-TGV to Sainte-Croix (via Valence-Ville)

The TGV station is not located in the centre of Valence (Valence-Ville). You can go by bus or train to get there. The shuttle bus leaves from the station (behind the car park) and takes 20 minutes by train (TER or Train du Transport Express Régional) in 10 minutes. Attention: very few buses/trains go to Valence on Sundays. You can find the timetable of the trains between Valence-TGV and Valence-Ville here. The departure info will also be announced in the station. From Gare de Valence-Ville you take the bus (line 28 Luc-en-Diois/Die/Crest/Valence) to Sainte-Croix. You can buy a ticket on the bus. The bus doesn’t look like the ones in Belgium, but more like a touring bus (from the organisation “KeolisDrôme Ardèche”).You can check the timetable and prices of the bus (line 28) here. Be sure to check the bus times before your departure: the summer schedule will only come online at the beginning of July. Be sure to check the Sunday schedule (during the school holidays).

3. From Valence-TGV to Sainte-Croix (via Die)

When the TGV is delayed, the timing will be very tight to travel via Valence-Ville. In that case, you can take the train from Valence-TGV to Die. In Die itself you get on the bus to Sainte-Croix.

2. Travelling together by car

You can agree with fellow participants to travel together on a cost-sharing basis via our carpool forum. The price you pay as a passenger is agreed between you. From Brussels it is about 9 hours by car.

Attention: this forum gives WISPER the opportunity to agree to carpool, but there is no guarantee that everyone wille find a place. After all, the efficiency of this forum depends on the number of drivers wishing to take passengers with them.

3. Taxistop

Taxistop provides a lift service and will search drivers for you who still have place. You pay a mileage allowance of € 3/100 km to the driver. For inquiries Taxistop can be reached on the number (0032) 070/22 22 92. To make use of their services, you need to register on their website:


1. Welcome and closure

The course coordinator will take care of the welcome, room division and other practical help from 6 pm onwards. If you arrive earlier, it is best to wait in the courtyard.

Campers can pitch their tents directly in the monastery garden. If you are staying in rooms, please wait until the coordinator arrives so that they can be allocated rooms according to the requests that came in to our administration.

Dinner on the day of arrival is included in the course price and is served between 6pm and 7pm.

On the last day of the course (Sunday) we leave right after breakfast. There is no lunch or dinner, also not for the ones who followed courses for two weeks in a row.

2. Meals

Every morning there is a French breakfast: white baguette, jam, yoghurt and muesli. So no cheese, meat or fruit. If you would like to have that with your breakfast, you can do your shopping in one of Die's department stores. In the afternoon and evening you can enjoy a warm southern meal in the courtyard with table wine, cheese, dessert or fruit.

Do you eat vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free? The kitchen can take this into account. Be sure to mention this as a comment when registering or send an e-mail to as soon as possible.

Do you follow a different specific diet? Then we ask you to bring your own 'basic package'.

3. Camping

You can camp in the garden next to the abbey. You need to bring your own tent, sleeping pad/air mattress and sleeping bag. Sanitary facilities for campers are located inside the building. Don't forget to bring a flashlight!

4. Rooms

Sheets are provided. You have to bring your own towels. Showers are further down the corridor. Each room has one key. There is no safe in the centre. You can leave valuables at home or give them to the director of the centre.

5. ATM’s and shops

In Die, 7 km away, there are shopping centres and several banks and ATMs.

6. Wifi

There’s wifi at the Monastère. You’ll get the access code on the location.

7. What you definitely need

Water sandals or worn-out sports shoes to get into the river, swimming costume, sunscreen, walking shoes and a corkscrew for lovers of local country wines. Mosquito repellent and your own first aid are no unnecessary luxury either!

8. Moments to relax

Nearby you can go horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, climbing and mountain biking. Furthermore you can make (long) walks, visit the local market or try the limestone basins in the river.

9. Information about the monastery and the region

The monastery of Sainte-Croix is an absolute cultural highlight. You'll have a taste from the strong cocktail of southern French sunshine with non-stop inspiration, endless natural parks and a few well-aimed atmospheric elements that will take you back in time for centuries.

You can't just indulge yourself artistically, there is much more. The ascent of the Vercors massif, one of the purest places in France, is on the bucket list of many. Or visit one of the idyllic villages nearby where you can relax and wander around for that unfiltered holiday feeling!

In the course centre there is documentation available for you to consult. For tips you can always contact the coordinator. On and you can find great information in advance.