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Contemporary dance: improvisation training

Start Wed 3 July '24
19:00 - 21:30

2 sessions


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Location Danspunt
Dok Noord Sint-Salvatorstraat 18 001A
9000 GENT

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Language & teacher(s) Dutch/English

We enter the space of instant composition & improvisation, in which the concept of connection can not be ignored. How are time and a sense of space connected? How does my own movement or dance fit into that? What choices do I have in connecting with another dancer? How do we influence each other?

We open and train both our movement vocabulary and our perception. We sharpen our senses and instincts. We become more aware of space and spatial ordening on the one hand, and of time and dynamics on the other. We start to grasp how the two are connected what our own place within them is.

"The action of improvising produces coincidences, and to take responsibility for them, without any apology, is part of the compositional process." - Julyen Hamilton

We listen, in different ways. To ourselves, our fellow dancers and to the whole of our composition. We look at how we make choices. Choices based on the point where reason meets instinct.

We experience individually and in smaller or larger groups how we relate to all themes like 'the poetry of my movement', timing, beginning and ending. We experience how the events around us affect our dance. And how our dance and our choices echo far beyond us.


Bring a bottle of water for during the class.

Fancy a drink before or after your course? During our Ghent Summer Week, the WISPER bar will be open on Tuesday July 2, Wednesday July 3 and Thursday July 4 from 5pm to 10pm. Welcome!

Level of experience

Level 2: you have basic experience in contemporary dance, improvisation and/or composition.


  • Wed 3 July '24
    19:00 - 21:30
    Danspunt - Studio 1
  • Thu 4 July '24
    19:00 - 21:30
    Danspunt - Studio 1


  • Danspunt Dok Noord Sint-Salvatorstraat 18 001A
    9000 GENT Show on map

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Mileen Borgonjon

Mileen coordinates the dance program for WISPER in Ghent and Antwerp. She is a dancer, performer…
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