Katrijn De Cooman

Katrijn graduated from the Toneelacademie Maastricht and KASK. She is a versatile performer/performance artist who plays, creates and teaches at all kinds of organizations. She is mainly active in her own company Collectief Elan(d), a performer collective that explores the boundaries between theater, dance and visual arts.

Currently she creates/performs in 'I think we need to talk', 'RauwRouw' and 'Danseling'. She can also be seen in 'I forgot' by Oksana Sankova and creates/plays in 'Transit' by Victoria Deluxe. She is fascinated by the human person as a group animal, is a born improviser and physical play is her passion.

In her workshops she wants to create a safe space in which everyone feels free to move, create and connect with others. Katrijn always reinforces from her experience as a player/mover and continues to feed herself through play projects, travels and workshops (yoga teacher training, fighting monkey, action theatre, etc.)