Katrijn De Cooman

Katrijn De Cooman - a graduate of Toneelacademie Maastricht and KASK - is a versatile actress, theater maker and movement theater teacher. She has worked at various organizations including Hetpaleis (De Kapers), Veerman, NTGent, Schouwburg Kortrijk (Spinrag festival), Kopergietery, Odysee Hogeschool, WISPER and Victoria Deluxe. At Victoria Deluxe she created 'Transit' in collaboration with Koen Boesmans and Elisabeth De Loore. She plays in several projects including 'I forgot' by Oksana Sankova (TAZ 2020) and 'The Plague! To me" by O'Kontreir (2024).

She is primarily active in her own collective Collective Elan(d), a performer collective that explores the boundaries between theater, dance and visual art. After "In between spaces," "Loving is Allowed" and "I think we need to talk," she is now developing her first solo "RauwRouw" under the collective and is planning a tour with "Danseling," a dance walk in nature.

She also organizes movement theater workshops where she departs from her fascination with man as a group animal, space and material. As a facilitator she wants to create a safe space in which everyone feels free: in movement, creation and connection with others. Katrijn always departs from her experience as a player/movement facilitator and keeps feeding herself through play projects, travels and workshops (yoga teacher training, instant composition, contact impro, etc.)