Anu Junnonen

Anu started singing before speaking according to her mom. In her teens she sang in choirs, played piano, saxophone and flute. She studied jazz singing at the Conservatory of Brussels and released several albums on her name: “The Luckless Lands of the North” (2007), “Sinipiika” (2011), ‘Skeletons’ (2014) and ‘Open Your Window’ (2018) and Komeetta (2023).

Anu is also a co-leader of Brussels Vocal Project, a contemporary vocal collective which focuses on collaborations with different singers and composers. With her groups she toured in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Norway, China and Morocco. Anu is currently teaching at The Conservatory of Ghent, The Academy of Jette and is regularly invited to teach workshops of jazz, folk or a capella singing.