Randall Casaer

Randall Casaer calls himself an artist, author, illustrator, people whisperer, shopkeeper and grumpy. His work is human, poetic, takes a deeper look than is expected and is also regularly funny in an almost indefinable way.

He has been around in the Flemish cartoonists' landscape for a while now, for example with the grapic novel Slaapkoppen (Sleeping Heads), the seductive graphic poem 'Ik zie u gaarne met een boek' (I'll gladly see you with a book), the silly children's book 'De Ridder die niet slapen wilde' (The Knight Who Wouldn't Sleep) and the unclassifiable gadget 'Er zit een Hond in U' (There's a Dog in You).

Among TV viewers, he is also known as the in-house illustrator of 'De Slimste mens ter wereld'. People from Ghent know that the Gravensteen is filled almost from top to bottom with Randall's lively and fresh drawings.

Picture: Ivan Put