Pieter Dezutter

Pieter combined his studies in orthopedagogy at Ghent University with an intensive study of West African polyrhythmics. For years he was the right hand man of Seny-Touré, a master drummer from Guinée-Conakry. In order to go more deeply into the West African music and culture, he made two long journeys to West Africa. In the meantime he followed courses at Jazzstudio, AKDT, Wisper, De Centrale, Chris Joris, Didier Labarre, Babara Bangoura... Since 2002, he has been a member of Seny Touré's group 'Wonbére' and is active as a percussion teacher for various non-profit organisations. Since 2003, he has been accompanying weekly 'music experience' sessions for people with serious mental disabilities. In 2004, he co-founded 'vzw de kikker' and gave numerous workshops, performances, training sessions, animations and performances... Since 2006 Pieter also works for the events agency 'horizonID' and leads teambuilding sessions.