Nina Stoffijn

Nina has been a theatrical, musical and socially engaged jack-of-all-trades since her childhood. As a teenager, she recorded her own single 'Broken Wings' and got on stage several times in youth theatres. Since the week of her life in a WISPER improv workshop in Sainte-Croix and a subsequent successful audition day, she has been a regular improv player with The Lunatics.

Nina always has a thousand or so project ideas on the agenda and regularly tries to merge her passion for the social sector and performing arts. Since 2018 she has been a psychotherapist for children and adolescents at CGG De Pont and co-promoter of the 'I-strengthening group': a creative therapeutic pathway for young people. In 2023, she became the proud co-founder of jup! vzw, which focuses on self-reinforcing improvisational theatre.