Fyllenia Grigoriou

Fyllenia Grigoriou aka Trentebisous is a dance artist and performer from Greece, based in Belgium. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dance from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in 2021 and did a residency at deSingel. Afterwards, she completed her Masters in Dance and Artistic Research in 2023. Her transdisciplinary artistic practice and research mainly revolve around dance education, improvisation and the psychology of language and memory. She loves poetic performance and composition, and thus avidly uses them in her choreography. Fyllenia trained as a dancer under the guidance of Alain Platel, Bérengère Bodin, Hannah De Meyer and Efi Birba, among others. In 2024, she collaborated with visual artist and director Nazanin Fakoor and performance maker and researcher Danae Theodoridou.