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Music production in Durbuy

Start Mon 22 July '24
20:00 - 22:00

5 sessions


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Location Gîte ‘Le Beaujeu’
Place de Beaujeu 3
6940 Durbuy

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Language & teacher(s) Dutch/English

In Durbuy, the Ourthe meanders its way not only through a lot of natural beauty, but also along the magnificent recording studios of Durbuy Music: an absolute Mecca for every musician, where nature and creativity come together perfectly. And also: our destination for an intense week of music production!

Because: you have been sitting on a mountain of ideas for a long time, dreaming of recording something, maybe even sharing it with the world. But all the technical know-how is quite overwhelming, from phantom-power driven condenser mics to compressors on the mix bus. So you go get that audio interface and expensive headphones anyway, but every time you're in the flow of your life, the neighbor's baby starts crying again ... Recognizable? Recognizable.

That's why saxophonist, songwriter and music producer Reindert organizes this vacation course in a hyper-professional environment, with access to the gear room full of synths, guitars and microphones, a large studio space, a control room and 5 break-out rooms each with a pair of high-end studio monitors and ditto audio interface.

The course consists of creative assignments and tips and tricks both musically and technically, but there will also be plenty of toom to work on your own project, guided where necessary and with Reindert and the whole group as a sounding board. Not to mention the exchange with other creators, songwriters and producers on site!

With this week, you get yourself the gift of nothing less then ideal recording conditions. Add to that a fun group of other musical souls and the idyllic surroundings of Durbuy, and the memories for life will follow.


All meals and overnight stays are included in the course price, but your are responsible for organizing your own transport. A few weeks before the start of the course, you will receive an e-mail from us with more information about what you need to bring for your stay.

The beds in multiple rooms are assigned based on the order in which registrations are received, not based on gender. Would you like to share a room with a specific person or is there anything else we should take into account when assigning the rooms? Make sure to mention it in the comment field when registering!

Please check www.wisper.be/durbuy for more information about the location of this vacation course!


Please note: after you register for a vacation course, we first check whether your chosen accommodation (room type or camping) is still available at the vacation location. If so, you will receive a final confirmation from us. If your chosen accommodation is no longer available, we will of course let you know as well.

Level of experience

Level 3: this is a course for advanced musicians and/or producers. It's important that you have experience in at least one of the two areas as further explained below, but not necessarily in both. If you don't know anything about chords and scales, but you have found your style flowing through a DAW, great. If you don't know what a DAW is, but you write your own songs on the guitar, that works as well!

Prior knowledge on recording techniques is not required. This will be addressed during the course.

If you have any questions or hesitations about the list below, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to reindert@wisper.be!

1) Required knowledge and skills for instrument- and ensemble playing (FOR MUSICIANS ONLY):

You have adopted basic skills on your instrument and have a certain knowledge of chords and scales. You are experienced in playing together with other musicians, meaning you can spontaneously take on a musical role in a band and add something creative to a song, improvisation or composition.

2) Required knowledge and production skills (FOR PRODUCERS ONLY):

(!) During this course the teacher will work with Ableton Live. You are welcome to use another DAW, but keep in mind that you will have to translate some of the info and assignments yourself, for them to work in your DAW of choice.

- basic navigation through the DAW's interface: you know how to navigate through your DAW, are familiar with the different views and settings needed to record a track and set a balance between different tracks. You understand the words 'track', 'bus', 'send' en 'master'.

- audio- and MIDI recording: you know how to record audio and MIDI into your DAW, through creating clips and arming tracks for live recording.

- basic audio editing skills: you are familiar with basic editing functions in an arrangement, You know how to create, duplicate, move and cut audio, inside the clips as well as in a timeline view.

- basic MIDI-programming: you understand how to create and edit MIDI notes, as well as how to map useful effects for automation to a MIDI-controller.

- working with effects: you understand how to process audio and MIDI through digital effects (both as inserts and sends). Basic effects we will use a lot are equalizers, compressors, reverbs and delays. Any prior knowledge on how to use these will come in handy during the course, but is not required per se.


  • Mon 22 July '24
    20:00 - 22:00
    Gîte ‘Le Beaujeu’ - Ingang
  • Tue 23 July '24
    9:30 - 22:00
    Durbuy Music - Studios
  • Wed 24 July '24
    9:30 - 22:00
    Durbuy Music - Studios
  • Thu 25 July '24
    9:30 - 22:00
    Durbuy Music - Studios
  • Fri 26 July '24
    9:30 - 16:00
    Gîte ‘Le Beaujeu’ - Ingang


  • Gîte ‘Le Beaujeu’ Place de Beaujeu 3
    6940 Durbuy Show on map


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Reindert Spanhove

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