WISPER Presentation days 2022

Come and see what WISPER has been up to in the past year!

Our presentation days are little art festivals where we show the results of a year of artistic courses. On the menu are theatre and dance performances, concerts, expositions, literary projections... All with work of "Wisperlings". Often, there are also interactive installations or courses with inspiring assignments in which you, as a visitor, can take action yourself (if you want to).

These presentation days are free and everyone is welcome: save the dates!

  • ANTWERP: 15 may 2022
  • GHENT: 22 may 2022
  • LOUVAIN: 1,2 & 3 june 2022

What's happening?

  • theatre and dance performances
  • expositions
  • concerts, performances & showings
  • drinks & snacks
  • interactive installations
  • reading moments
  • meet & greet with guest teachers
  • music jams & improvisation
  • open studios
  • mini workshops
  • video projections
  • performance
  • artistic interventions
  • Presentatiedagen web ZW
  • Presentatiedagen web
Written on Thu 12 May '22