Blended courses: Q&A

The sessions of blended courses can consist of different online and offline work formats. To stay flexible in these uncertain times, we define these formats only a few days in advance. But what are these different formats exactly? And when do you receive more details as a participant? You can find all the answers to questions about our blended courses below.

  • How do I know where to go in case of live session?

    A blended course always has a city mentioned next to the "blended" label: there are courses in "Blended Antwerpen", "Blended Leuven" and "Blended Gent". In case of live sessions, this is the city where they take place.

  • When do I get more details about how and where the sessions take place?

    At least three working days before the start of your course, you get an e-mail with all the practical information about the first session. If the first session is online, this e-mail contains a link. If the first session is live, this e-mail contains the exact location. If your course consists of more than one session, the teacher will inform you directly about how and where the next meetings will go.

  • Does a blended course always use Zoom when live meetings are not allowed?

    Not necessarily. For some blended courses, you still meet live, but outside, in small groups. We also use other online formats and platforms, such as Whatsapp, Padlet, mail, letters, phone calls ... This is mentioned in the course description.

  • Do the sessions of my blended course always take place in real life if this is allowed?

    No. The formats are partly determined by what the corona measures allow, but also by our curiosity and enthusiasm to teach you in new, alternative ways. This means that a blended course does not necessarily consist of only live sessions once the measures allow live gatherings!