Anna Svetlitskaya

Anna Svetlitskaya discovered contact improvisation in 2004. At the time, she was studying Religious Studies at university and tried various movement practices, including yoga, chi gong, Bothmer movement, eurythmy and plastic theatre.

Anna taught an inclusive class with children with special needs and used movement as a language of interaction on several occasions. Thus, she chose to further study the therapeutic effects of movement on a professional level. In the Department of Dance and Movement Therapy, she obtained her degree in Creative Dance and Movement Development.

As she continued to travel all over the world and feel at home in every country, improvisation became her way of life. Anna became inspired by nature, art and different cultures. Her movement style is most influenced by the dance language of GAGA and the PLAY-FIGHT practice.

Since 2018, she has been teaching Contact Improvisation in Belgium, working as a body therapist and coach in developmental movement, and organising workshops and master classes, including for people with special needs.