Sandra Meilunaite

Sandra is a Lithuanian artist, living and working in Brussels. She graduated in Fine Arts (LUCA, Brussels) and also has an Educational Master (LUCA, Gent).

In her artistic practice, she tries to move away from the traditional way of perceiving and thinking. By studying cartography and maps, she makes works that emphasize form and color, regardless of recognition or function.

She starts from top views of the world because that way one gets an “overview”. When we stand on solid ground, we experience shapes differently. We are limited to our human perspective, which prevents us from perceiving the bigger picture. It is only when the form is seen in its entirety, from above, from a great enough distance, that we can formulate similarities, discoveries and conclusions. She views the making of an image just as architecture: every empty place, on the image or in the world, is filled in as soon as a person starts to inhabit it. Because in that way he has a place to “be”, to think, to learn, to look.